Competition Managers At Beijing Olympics Will Come From Host Country

BEIJING: All competition managers at the Beijing Olympics will come from the host country. This is a first since the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Zhang Jilong, Director of the BOCOG Sports Department, said: “The International Olympics, International Sports Federation and the BOCOG have all agreed that the competition managers of all 28 sports for the Beijing Olympic Games will be Chinese nationals.”

Competition managers do not help athletes win medals, but they are crucial to ensuring that the games run smoothly and fairly for the players.

They must have a sound grasp of the sport, good organisational and public relation skills.

Together, they will oversee the successful completion of over 2000 events for the Games in August 2008.

The committee said it took pains to ensure that all competition managers would be Chinese nationals, because it wants to raise the standard of competition management in the country.

It hopes that this will benefit China’s sporting culture in the future.

One aspect of their job will include making sure that the Wukesong Indoor Stadium is in tip-top condition – ready to host all basketball matches come this August.

The arena, which can house 18,000 spectators, will host its first basketball match in April as part of a series of pre-Olympics test events. -CNA/vm

Channel News Asia


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