BADMINTON: The Younger Lads Appear A Better Bet

AS in football and hockey, so now in badminton we are depending on the old guard to secure success. The Badminton Association of Malaysia has opted for Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah rather than the up-and-coming pair Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif-Mohd Fairuzizuan Tazari, who recently won back-to-back titles, especially the tough Indonesian Open, beating the famous Chandra-Gunawan combination in the final.

Choong-Lee are inconsistent and injury-prone.

They have twice participated in the Olympic Games without winning any medal.

So why should Malaysia still depend on this unpredictable pair?

Give the young pair of Zakry-Fairuzizuan the chance to prove themselves at the Beijing Olympics because if they fail to win any medals they still have the chance to do it again at the next Olympics.

Zakry-Fairuzizuan have a proven record since they beat the formidable Chinese second pair in the Thomas Cup tournament a few months ago, and now the back-to-back titles at the Singapore and Indonesian Open.

But they will only go to Beijing if either Choong -Lee and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong get injured and if that doesn’t happen, they must say goodbye to the Olympics.


New Straits Times


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