WADA Backs Chambers Decision


MONTREAL: World anti-doping body WADA on Friday applauded the London High Court’s decision not to lift the ban preventing disgraced sprinter Dwain Chambers (pic) from taking part in the Beijing Olympics.

Chambers, who served a two-year suspension for doping, failed to overturn a British Olympic Association (BOA) rule which implements an Olympics lifetime ban on any athlete who has failed a dope test.

“WADA understands and fully respects the London High Court’s decision to dismiss Dwain Chambers’s request for an injunction allowing him to be able to be selected for the Beijing Olympic Games,” said WADA president John Fahey.

“Although the decision of a National Olympic Committee not to select an athlete who committed an anti-doping rule violation for its Olympic Games’ team is not an anti-doping matter, but rather a selection issue, this decision sends a strong message that athletes who commit serious doping violations will have to face significant consequences.”

Meanwhile, following the London High Court’s decision, the British selectors brought sprinters Craig Pickering and Tyrone Edgar on board yesterday.

The UK athletics selectors drafted Pickering and Edgar for the 100m to join the already selected Simeon Williamson in unveiling their definitive list.

Pickering and Edgar had been in a legal limbo since finishing third and fourth in the final of the 100m Olympic trials behind Chambers and Williamson.

“This has been one of the strangest weeks of my life and I don’t ever want another one like it,” said Edgar.

“I’m just thankful the court case is over and grateful for the opportunity.” — AFP


New Straits Times

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