Olympics: Fans Hope To Catch Glimpse Of Athletes At Beijing’s Airport

BEIJING: Just three days before the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, throngs of media and sports fans are staking out at the airport’s Arrival Hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Olympic athletes.

13-year-old Lu Zhiyuan is one dedicated sports fan. The Chinese schoolboy has collected more than three hundred autographs and is hunting for more.

In fact, he has been waiting patiently at the airport’s Terminal 3 Arrival Hall for six days, in hope of seeing the sports stars.

“I saw table-tennis players from Singapore and China, such as Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei,” he said.

Along with the arriving Olympians on Tuesday was Singapore’s badminton team, whose flight was delayed by some five hours due to a technical glitch.

Ronald Susilo, a member of Singapore’s Olympic badminton squad, said: “I think there was some problem with the air-conditioning, and they tried to repair it a few times, but they failed, so we had to change aircraft.”

After a short rest, the shuttlers will head to their training venue, as the competition starts this Saturday.

– CNA/so

Channel News Asia


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