Olympics Fever Heats Up At Shanghai’s Madame Tussauds

SHANGHAI: As Olympics fever heats up in Beijing, thousands of Chinese are visiting Shanghai’s Madame Tussauds wax museum to catch the latest wax figures of their favourite sporting stars.

Fans in Shanghai who could not make it to Beijing were happy just to have their photos taken with wax figures of Olympic stars such as Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, basketball star Yao Ming and diver Guo Jingjing.

“I feel that I am giving them support. Although I cannot make it to Beijing to see them in competition, and I am also not able to meet them in person, it is like giving them my best wishes just to be able to take a photograph with their wax figure,” said 26-year-old local visitor Wang Peng.

A 45-year-old local visitor Yan Limei said, “Just to be able to take a photograph with the wax figures of such sporting stars, we will feel proud when they win a medal. When they win, it feels like I am winning too. We are all Chinese people.”

The latest addition, just a week before the Games started on August 8, is a figure of Chinese hurdling hero Liu Xiang seen wearing the Beijing Olympics winners’ uniform.

The uniforms are worn by Olympic medallists when they are at the winners’ podium receiving their medals.

However, some wonder if museum officials are jumping the gun, as Western pundits predict that Liu’s chances of retaining his Olympic title in next week’s 110 metres hurdles are slim.

Nevertheless, wax museum officials say they plan to dress more of the athletes in the winners’ uniform as the Olympics progresses.

With China leading the medal tally on Tuesday with 11 golds, it looks like those at the museum may have the last laugh. – CNA/yt

Channel News Asia


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